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s.d.a.i.e. - specially designed academic instruction in english

s.d.a.i.e. or sheltered english as it often still referred to in various parts of the united states was originally established as an accepted transitional step for students learning english as their second language. it allows them to move forward with academic courses such as mathematics and science while at the same time learning english through the contextual clues provided by the course of study. the pedagogy surrounding the logic of this practice was based upon linguistic theories laid out by a number of researchers including dr. steven krashen and dr. james cummins. their development of the �contextual interaction theory� and the hypotheses therein provides the cornerstones for s.d.a.i.e. methodology and program design. at the heart of the theory are two major components that impact the s.d.a.i.e. classroom. these are �comprehensible second language input� and a �supportive affective environment�. teacher training in s.d.a.i.e. methodology should revolve around those two statements since successful lesson design and course development hinge upon the teacher�s ability to provide these two key elements.




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